Log your memories and share them

“Capture your life events as they happen. Write a note, take a picture, record a voice memo, tag it. It is as easy as it can get. Yes, we worked hard to make your life easy... to remember”

Luis Carvajal, Creator of Bitácora

Tired of having to write in your diary? Now with Bitácora you can directly speak to record your memories. No need to wait until you have time to write. Speak up your thoughts, take a picture, record the sounds of your surroundings (your family, your kids, nature...), record where and when it happened. It is the perfect tool to record your memories!


For a short time period

Bitácora is more than just a diary! It is the best tool there is to become a better you, its like having your conscience active that will guide you to improve, remember your learnings, your thoughts, your goals or your feelings!

With Bitácora it is very easy to select what you want to see and hear again. It is the best way to re-live your memories. An app that will let you easily find and listen to your thoughts again and again.



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